Can I Fly With Shaving Cream in my Carry On Luggage?

Traveling can be a hassle especially when it comes to getting through airport security. So it’s good to know beforehand what is allowed beyond the checkpoint and what is not, otherwise, you’re going to have an awkward pat-down or your expensive shampoo thrown in the trash.

Can you Fly with Shaving Cream in your Carry-On Luggage?

The answer is yes if it’s in a 3.4oz (100ml) and labeled travel sized bottle, conveniently fitted in a one quart or liter transparent plastic zip-bag. The determiner is the size of the bottle and not the quantity of fluid that might be within it. So a half used 125ml shaving foam can is not going to get through.

The rules for travel and getting through security with certain items, namely liquids, seem confusing but really it’s simple once you get the basics. Go through this article carefully to get the full scope of what is permitted, what you can get away with, and what you should absolutely leave at home when it comes to shaving cream related products on airplanes.

Carry On is a Cut Throat Game for Airlines
Carry On is a Cut Throat Game for Airlines

Can I carry shaving cream on a plane?

Technically yes, but always read the fine print.

There isn’t anything inherently dangerous about shaving foam and most airport security organizations have no problem with shaving cream inside of a carry-on. The issue relates to the specific amount.

For different security reasons, airports don’t want you carrying containers, bottles, and jars with too much liquid because large amounts of decoy liquids can be dangerous. The number to remember is 3.4. You can carry a small container of shaving cream in a 3.4oz or 100ml bottle.

Don’t confuse this with 3.4oz overall. I call it the toothpaste incident… let me explain.

So your super excited for a trip and have been waiting for your vacation with the family all year. All you have to do is survive the airport. Well lo, and behold the TSA checkpoint. Now you have to get through airport security and the guy there is telling you to throw your toothpaste away.

You try explaining that it’s barely enough for a single time use but he just shakes his head and points to the garbage can with his sunglasses on and hair whipped back with gel…

Ok, I made that last part up but you get what I’m saying, airport security is annoying!

So the amount of shaving cream isn’t the important part it’s the volume of the container that it’s in. This rule of thumb comes with its own cute little name, the 3-1-1 rule.

How Many 3.4oz Containers Can You Take On a Plane?

Aha! Now that is a good question. You’re catching on fast!

So you’ve figured out that you can pretty much buy a bunch of small travel sized or 3.4oz bottles of shaving gel and other liquids you need right? Wrong!

What do you think you’re the first genius to think of cheating the system? The TSA is way ahead of you buddy!

You are allowed to carry all your liquids in a small one quart or one-liter transparent plastic bag, that zips or snaps closed at the top and is not held together by string or any sort of ties. Nestle your products together in such a way that they sit together comfortably and close easily once inside of the bag.

The following information goes for the U.S., Canada, and all European countries, it is likely the information is the same for most countries around the world but you will have to check the specifics when traveling.

In general, it’s always a good idea to check highly specific things when traveling to lesser-known parts of the world.

Specific brands could be banned if they are made in a country employing sanctions on another. You never know what can happen so do your research ahead of time.

1 Litre Max with Each Bottle no More than 100ml
1 Litre Max with Each Bottle no More than 100ml

Can Toiletries be Packed in a Carry On Luggage?

The information above relates to all liquids so as long as they abide by the 3-1-1 rule you are good to go!

Of course, let’s just go through what classify as liquids and smart ways you can get around the system.

The most common liquids you need inside of an airplane or on a trip include, shampoos, liquid soap, and makeup, shaving gels, creams, aerosols, contact lenses solution, body lotion, mouthwash, toothpaste, sunblock… you get the idea.

Basically, everything you need to function as an adult, airport security has stripped you of. All jokes aside, it can be a huge challenge fitting all these items and more into a tiny plastic zip-bag.

If you are traveling with a family it may be easier as you are all permitted one such bag. Of course, if you’re on your own… Well, then you’re kinda screwed.

The good news is there are two tricks you can implement to make this process a bit easier. The first is simply prioritizing what is essential and what can wait.

If you are going on a short trip versus a long one, or a vacation versus a business trip, your priorities, with regards to hygiene products should shift.

What you can also do is use solid alternatives to traditional liquid products. A lot of creams, gels, and shampoos come in powdered or solid form. For shaving specifically there are shaving sticks that work similarly to gels but they come in a condensed solid tube, similar to enlarged lip balm.

Want to get really creative? Try shaving oils!

I made the discovery of shaving oils a few years back and it has changed my life. Shaving oils are used similarly to shaving creams or gels and come in small travel sized drip-containers. All you have to do is place a few drops on your hands and rub it against your face, legs, or wherever you need to shave.

A small bottle has hundreds of drops worth of oil and an average shave only needs about eight or ten drops. They aren’t available everywhere, but if you can get your hands on some, definitely give it a go.

Gillette Can Carry On
Gillette Can Go Too?

Are Gillette Razors Allowed on Planes?

Chances are if you need shaving cream in your carry on, then you are going to shaving soon. So unless you are Hancock and can shave using just your fingernails, you’re probably also going to need a razor.

The good news is you can get razors through airport security but just like liquids, there are limitations.

Right off the bat, electric raisers are totally ok according to the TSA just be sure it doesn’t accidentally turn on in your luggage. Straight and safety razors, on the other hand, are a big no-no. You can carry the detachable handle with you if you would like but the actual head itself poses a huge risk.

If you desperately need a shave on the plane because you have to see you girlfriend or the CEO of the company you work for once you land, then you do have the option of using a disposable razor. Disposable razors, even with detachable heads, are completely fine aboard planes.

Now I know what you’re thinking, you would rather rub your face against glass then use sandpaper but disposable razors aren’t all that bad. Sure the cheap models with only one or two blades are pretty terrible but there some, including the Gillette razors, that are high quality and feel just like the real deal!

Where Can You Get Travel Sized/Approved Products?

Most of the travel sized items listed above can be easily ordered online and most vendors have small containers of liquids as well.
Look for the volume on bottles and make sure it abides by the 3-1-1 rule. A lot of companies will have a “travel size” sticker proudly on their products.

You could also steel shampoo and other hygiene samples from hotels (but you didn’t hear that here ok?). Samples usually come in small sizes so if you are a frequent traveler, save those hotel shampoo bottles! Just make sure you don’t leave the country a felon.

Airport security just got a little easier! Wherever you decide to go always go a quick search for items you may think security may have an issue with. Otherwise, grab that passport, throw on some cool shades, put a smile on that face and enjoy your flight!